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Stamping Parts for terminal block

1. High contact pressure
In the terminal block, the contact force is one of the basic elements. If there is not enough contact pressure, no matter how good the conductive material is, it will not help. Because, if the contact force is too low, there will be displacement between the wire and the conductive sheet, resulting in oxidation pollution, increasing the contact resistance and causing overheating. Taking the WDU 2.5 crimping frame assembly as an example, only a torque of 0.8 N/m can be applied to the screw to generate an actual contact force of up to 750 N, regardless of the wire cross-section. Therefore, the use of SOOT crimping frame has a permanent connection that is not affected by any environment, has a large contact area and a large contact force.

2. Small voltage drop
The size of the voltage drop at the contact point is also one of the criteria for identifying the quality of the terminal block. Even with a small force distance applied to the screw, the value of the voltage drop is still well below the limits required by VDE 0611. At the same time, the applied torque varies over a wide range and the voltage drop is almost constant. Therefore, although the torque used by different operators is different, it will not affect the quality of the connection.

Item Name metal stamping parts
Material Carbon steel,Mild steel,SPCC,Stainless steel,red copper,brass,phosphor copper, beryllium bronze,and other metal material
Thickness 0.1mm-5mm
Specification Customized,According to your drawings and samples
High Precision +/-0.05mm
Surface treatment Powder coating
Anodic oxidation
Nickel plating
Tin plating,
Zinc plating,
Silver plating
Cu plating etc
Manufacture Stamping/Laser Cutting/Punching/Bending/Welding/Others
Drawing File 2D:DWG,DXF etc
Certificate ISO SGS

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